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Elegant Hotel Logo Design is the Ultimate Way To Impress New Customers

As soon as someone speaks the word 'Hotel,' we will immediately recall our favorite hotel. That hotel might be within our locality, or it may be across anywhere in the world. Every day we may come across various hotels and restaurants which would be located in our city itself. Today, the hotel and restaurant business is raising day by day. It has also set a firm benchmark for the global economy as well. As the time passes, the competition in hotel and restaurant business is also increasing. And the main reason behind it is, they provide the best hospitality, best customer service, and serve the best quality food to their customer.


If you observe all those famous hotel and restaurants, they all be having a unique logo design for their hotel and restaurant business. This Graphic Design is nothing but a visual appearance of their business. Typically, the Custom Logo is nothing but the combination of font, icons, colors, etc. which is used creatively and a perfect logo is designed. The Graphic Design also acts as face to any organization. Before visiting your hotel or restaurant, the first thing that people will encounter is your hotel or restaurant Custom Logo.


There are various organization who have started improving their Hotel And Restaurant Logos because they have got the knowledge about logo design branding. Yes, since past couple of years, Motel Logo Design is also an essential tool in branding and marketing strategy. Apart from using it on your company's letterhead or envelope, Graphic Design can also be used for various Social Media promotion, Online promotions, Digital marketing as well.

If you are startup and wanted to start your hotel and restaurant, below are some of the essential tips to design the unique and world-class Custom Logo which will help you to impress new customer for your Hotel Business.

Top Four Crucial Tips for designing the Best Hotel Logo Design for your Hotel And Restaurant Business

1. Simple and Versatile:

To make your Hotel And Restaurant Logos easily recognizable if any viewer sees it from a distance, try designing your Hotel Logo Design in as simple as you can. Simple Custom Logo attracts new customer and increases your brand value. People won't be sitting and analyzing your Motel Logo Design; they should get all the ideas about your brand, your brand's core value, and your brand's message as well.

Marriott Hotels and Hospitality logo design is the perfect example of simple and versatile logo design. Avoiding all the classy stuffs, they have used their brand’s name in stylish red colored fonts which adds more values to their simplicity.


 2. It's Cool to be Trendy:

There is nothing wrong with being trendy. Using current trend in your Custom Logo, your customer will think that you are very much aware of the current trend that is running all over the world. Using the latest trend in your Graphic Design can also create an excellent reputation in the market.

Speaking of being cool and trendy, the Intercontinental Hotels Group logo design is the perfect example of it. They have used their brand’s initials in their design in very stylish manner. One more thing which is attractive about this Logo Design is they have avoided all the white space in the design which helps their design in being more attractive.



3. Combine Various Elements:

Famous Hotels and Restaurants are using their secret ingredients as the primary element of their Hotel And Restaurant Logos. Likewise, you can also add come of main elements or icons in Restaurant Logo Design. The main reason behind using ingredients and symbols in your Restaurant Logos is, it helps your Custom Logo to Motel Logos in looking unique. Also, it also adds more values and freshness in your Motel Logo Design as well.

Sea Crest Logo Hotels Logo design is the accurate example of using various elements in the design. They have used horizontal lines which forms the shape of flowing water. In addition, they have used additional symbol of a boat which is flowing on that water.




4. Choose Colors Wisely:

Colors in any Hotel Logos play a vital role in its success. Every color in your color plate has equal importance and use. Many logo designers and owners make one common mistake while designing their Custom Logo is, they choose the wrong color in their design thinking that it is the perfect color for their logo. Before deciding the color for your design, every Graphic Designer as well owner must learn the psychology behind every color.

The Comfort Inn and Suites’ logo design is the accurate example of using the best colors in their design. They have used multiple colors in their design like blue, lime yellow, orange and red. In their design, they have engraved their brand’s name in simple white colored fonts which helps their brand to show the dominance to the world.


These were some of the essential tips for designing the world-class Custom Logo for your Hotel and Restaurant business. These points will help you in designing unique and fresh Motel Logo Design which will help you in bringing new customers to your business.