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Three Awe-Inspiring Examples of Signature Logo Design

Logo design can be defined as an icon which is used by business organizations for the brand recognition process. Your company's Signature logo design is the foremost thing which your customers will encounter about your business. Sometimes, Custom logo also connects to the new company by looking at various criteria and Graphic design is one of them.

Signature design logo and attach it with your company's marketing and branding strategy can help you in increasing the credibility and accountability of your business. This practice refers to logo design branding. Company's who have used Graphic design branding has seen immense growth in their sales.

Startup who are planning to kick-start their business in this competitive world can take a huge advantage from logo design branding. Using your Graphic design in your social media marketing, digital marketing, and email marketing can make your brand more transparent among your targeted audience. Below are some of the greatest examples of signature logo design which can help you in designing a logo for your business.

Best Five Signature logo design from which you can get inspired from

1.Cadbury's logo:

Want to impress your loved one, or want to make your beloved happy if he/she is mad at you? Cadbury's chocolate is the only way to do the same. For some people, it is tough to admit that Cadbury sales the best chocolates in the world. Apart from mouth-watering chocolates, its logo design is one of the most recognizable Signature logo design among the customers. The logo is based on William Cadbury which appeared first on the transportation fleet in 1921.


2.Walt Disney's logo:

Let's be real; we all grew up watching Disney cartoons and movies. Though all of them are fictional, once in our life, we have tried to imitate their accent or style. No matter how old are we, as soon as we see its Graphic design appears, we immediately scream "Disney!" The logo contains Disney Land's Castle along with the company's name in between. The font in the logo is the actual signature of 'Walt Disney' the founder of the company. The shooting star that arc  across the castle means 'may all your dreams come true.

3.Kellogg's symbol:

The population of the people who don't start their day with Kellogg's breakfast is very less. Whether it is Froot Loops or Corn Flakes, it has become the best nutritious food manufacturing company today. Along with healthy food, company's Signature logo design is also one of the factors behind its success. According to the company legend, William Keith Kellogg, founder of the company, initially signed each Corn Flake boxes personally, in order to show the authenticity of its products.

These were some of the examples of famous signature logo design which you can have a look before crafting one for your business. Also know how signature logo design is the key to making a professional image of your company. For every business organization, Custom logo acts as a face to the company.