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In simple words, logo design is nothing but a symbol which business organization uses for the brand recognition process. According to a survey, before your company's final product releases or customers come across with your business' advertising, Custom Logo is the first thing they will encounter. It is also shown that before associating with a new brand, customers look at various methods, and Graphic Design is one of them. There are various methods of logo design such as Mascot, Abstract, typography, etc. But to look unique and stand out from the crowd, you should Create 3D logo design for your business.

In order to get an outstanding logo design service, ProDesigns is your ultimate destination for the same. ProDeisgns is a leading graphic design company popular for delivering world-class Custom Logo for their clients. They have a dedicated team of 3D logo designers who are experts in converting every client's requirement into reality. Using the latest technological tools, they deliver the best Graphic Design to their customers. For the startup business organization who are planning to have a 3D Custom Logo, ProDesings is the best place to do the same.


Below is a simple logo design which logo designers of ProDesigns follow to craft captivating logos for their clients.

1. Requirement Gathering:
When any customer approaches ProDesigns to executive any Graphic Design or graphic design task, the first thing employees will do is gather all the required information from their clients. They ask several questions to their clients which makes their requirement gathering task easy. Here are some of the questions which they ask their customers:
- What type of business are they doing?
- What kind of products are they targeting?
- What type of audience are they targeting?
- What are they expecting in the design?
- What is the budget for logo design?

2. Research and Drawing:
Once the Graphic designer have complete information about their client and their needs, the next thing they do is research for the design. In the analysis process, they also have competitive analysis as well. This helps them in gaining a lot of ideas for the design. After the in-depth research, the next step which they perform is sketch the layout of the logo. Sketching helps the designers in enhancing their creative skills. On the basis of the customers' needs and their expertise, they multiple sketches for the logo.

3. Develop and deliver the design:
After the in-depth analysis and sketching the design, the Graphic designer implements the design on professional tools and software. Software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc. helps designers in crafting artistic Graphic Design for their customers. After the successful completion of the design, the designers will finally deliver it to their customers. They also make changes in the customers if they are asked to do so.

This is how ProDesings come up with a unique and fresh Graphic Design for their customers. Here are some of the examples of 3D logo design which will guide you for your logo design. For every business organization, Custom Logo acts as a face to the company.