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How a Logo Helps you to Get More Business

A logo is a visual representation of a brand, and it’s the most significant marketing tool for the company. The importance of the business logo design can’t be replaced with any other element.

Whether it’s commercial or eCommerce business, professional logo design plays a vital role. Custom logo design is the face of the brand, and it’s the first thing that the customer will look for. You have an excellent opportunity to impress your customers with the help of the logo design.

It’s evident that customers will form an opinion within a fraction of a second about the company. If you have a presence on the internet but don’t have a logo, then people can’t associate with your company.

Business logo design helps you to distinguish you from the market and even helps to compete in the market. As there are many advantages of the logo, resultantly it will help to grow your business and generate more revenue.

Storytelling Logo

If you want your logo to grab the attention of the customer, then portray the story in a business logo design. In this case, you need to showcase your creativity in professional logo design.

It takes time to illustrate a message in a custom logo design because it demands a lot of brainstorming before start working in a designing part. In this competitive market, people are looking for the extraordinary every day, they are bored with the old design. Before moving further read these biggest mistakes in the logo which you need to avoid

The Logo Must Match your Brand

The working of the brand and logo must be similar. You must maintain the professionalism of the brand in the logo design by adding appropriate colors, fonts, and shapes.

Even you can’t miss the small details in the professional logo design, and it must reflect the value of the brand. Business logo design must reflect the value, status of the brand.

If you’re working as the automobile industry, the custom logo design must include some essence of cars and bikes. 


Review from the people and experts are an essential part of the business logo design process. The expert can suggest the area of improvement and required updates in the professional logo design.

Additionally, you will understand what people expect from your logo. Moreover, online surveys can provide you a lot of information about the likes and dislikes of the people. It’s your job to filter out the important suggestion and put it into your logo. 


Make The First Impression

You have a great chance to influence your potential customers. A business logo design is an element that customers will first observe and accordingly judge your company.

Design a logo in such a way that it will interest your customers and motivate them to come to your store. The first impression will last for a longer time in the customer's mind, if you’re successful in inspiring them, then the graph of your company will be in the upward direction.

Hire A Designer

Trying to craft a professional logo design on your own, it's a big mistake. Don’t experiment with the custom logo design instead, hire a designer who has a knowledge of the design. It's the best way to avoid the cost of the business logo design, but it won’t give you a unique and creative design.

Designers have an idea of how to impress the customer and how to distinguish you from the market. They can identify the logo from all the aspects and know which logo suits them in digital and print form both.

Target The Audience

All the effort you made for crafting a professional logo design must target your customer effectively. Know about your audience and their likes and dislikes before jumping into the designing part.

Your logo design must be relevant to the audience involved and attached to your business, so your logo can quickly grab the attention of the people.

If you know your audience, then you can design a logo that surrounded their preference. Consequently, it increases growth and generates more revenue. 

Wrapping up

Undeniably, business logo design is a crucial and predominant element for the company. The use of the logo design is vital in building a successful company.

The nicely portrayed logo will correctly represent your brand and grab the attention of your potential customer. Above mentioned points will let you design a professional logo design that will give you a unique and innovative identity in the market.

Worthwhile Points to Consider while Designing the Logo for corporate industry

Before designing the logo for the brand, you must know the significance of the logo design. The purpose of the logo is vital in the corporate industry, and a company is incomplete without having an attractive custom logo design. A professional logo design is not to sell the product but used to distinguish the company from the others. In simple words, it’s a visual representation of the principle, work, and culture of the brand or organization. Due to these many advantages of the logo, companies are investing a lot of money in creating a unique and creative logo.

A logo design must convey the purpose to the customers so that it can easily allure the customer, and that is pivotal in today’s scenario. It’s a powerful tool to enhance the business and increase the sales for the company, that is what the ultimate goal of any industry. The importance of professional logo design is the same as the name of the company, both elements are essential for the companies. Below points make you aware of the critical aspects of the logo for the corporate industry.

  1. Determine the objective of the logo:

    It’s mandatory to know the intention behind the logo design before start working on it. As it’s a representation of the brand, its purpose, its ideas so that you must keep in mind all these crucial aspects while professional logo design. The primary goal of the custom logo design is to identify the company and boost customer growth regularly uniquely. The logo must be impactful, and the customer must be impressed with the design of the logo.

  2. Choose professional typography:

    During crafting the custom logo design, the selection of the appropriate font in the logo design is pivotal. A single type of font is enough in the logo, but it should be unique and lead your brand in the market. It would help if you spent some time in choosing the font for your professional logo design. The font will surely change the looks of the logo, whereas improper selection of font will ruin your design entirely. There is nothing wrong with purchasing the font for the logo if it’s unique and attractive. Explore how the logo of a company can influence the business.


    Professional Logo Design
  3. Follow the process:

    It's mandatory to follow the specific process while designing the logo for the industry. Steps start from the research until the final design, and all should be interlinked with each other. It would be best if you did not miss any of the steps, it will create a significant loss for the clients. It’s your choice how you want to follow and even you can customize it as per your needs. Whether you are an expert or beginner, proper, and well-managed stage, you will never be able to craft a creative professional logo.

  4. Look for the ideal logo:

    Before starting working in the logo design, it’s essential to research the available and perfect logo in the market. It gives a brief idea about the market trend and their approach towards the custom logo design. If you are working on the eCommerce logo, then look for all the available, and possible logo exists in the market. It helps to understand how you can add information about the company in just a single logo and convey your message to the customer.

  5. Create something memorable:

    As it’s a human tendency that people mostly remember the picture rather than written text. So you have an opportunity to make something catchy and noteworthy that attracts customers. Try to add distinct design techniques, colors, fonts, and other elements that will ensure that your brand will stay memorable for a longer time. Generally, people remember the companies from their professional logo design and pictures associated with it, not by the name of the brand.

  6. Reviews and feedback:

    It's a crucial stage in the whole design process of the logo. After completing the first design of the logo, you must review it from the client or the expert. Although it’s tedious for the designer without that, you will never be able to identify the modification in the logo. In this stage, you need to pay attention to the font, design, color, shape, and many other elements in the professional logo design. 


It’s mandatory to keep in mind the specific design rules to make it memorable and unique for a longer time. In professional logo design, the selection of best colors and fonts to represent your brand is required to show the personality and professionalism of the company. Undeniably, a well-designed logo can increase the revenue and customer increase rate of the company. Keep in mind the points mentioned above that will help to make your brand logo unique and creative.

Learn how to present your Business logo design

In order to find out the biggest struggles of logo design designers, I recently conducted a survey. From this research, I came to know that presenting the Custom logo was one of the hot-favorite topics that people want to know more about. Therefore, I have put this blog post together to express my views on the topic of how can you represent your Business logo design.

Despite knowing everything about Graphic design, some logo design designers feel anxious and insecure before representing your Custom logo. Expecting rejection, or waiting for it from clients may sometimes lead to anger, tearing up your work, and asking for modification may ruin your hard work. Luckily that never comes to pass in reality. I'm always masterminded and have a method that ensures that the presentation part of my strategy goes similarly as possible. Generally speaking, my arrangements are agreed upon the principal go through, or I leave away with accommodating information that improves the designs. 

I've learned through experience that how you present your arrangement work is as critical, if not more than the physical structure organized. I wouldn't state I'm an expert at this – in all honesty, I'm continually learning and refining my technique, in any case, I think my suggestion here will support others.


1. File and analyze "why." 

The best thing I have had the alternative to do during my Business logo design prologue to a client is to chronicle the speculation behind my exercises. 

Toward the day's end, during the Graphic design presentation, disclose to the client why you arranged a particular logo in light of a specific objective. On the off chance that it, by one way or another, happened to interface even more viably with the planned intrigue gathering, to unravel the character, or to manufacture brand care, recall that for the presentation. 

Focus on real business results during the Custom logo presentation. Remember, they're representatives—not skilled workers, no doubt. They care less about shades and printed styles and progressively about results and impact.

I generally type a specialist diagram of my motivation for each game plan and convey them with me to the design presentation. It's also essential to allude to requests made by a client in starter discourse: your sales for caused an articulation like "This thought… ". Understanding the explanation and motivation driving each structure will empower the client to esteem each arrangement independently.

2. The early presentation is everything 

Guarantee the client is totally astonished by without a doubt, the primary Business logo design presentation. This can be practiced by twofold and triple-checking all spelling and other little nuances. Similarly, in case you are doing the Graphic design acquaintance face with face, mount them expertly on foam focus or some other clean surface. You can equally do the design presentation on an iPad or another screen. If you are doing the Custom logo presentation by methods for email as opposed to eye to eye, etc., put your best work at the beginning, make a specialist spread page, and assembling all of the comps in a logo presentation pdf file that can be adequately and quickly scrutinized.

3. Present realistic application 

The best logo design presentations show the Graphic design in apparent circumstances. Put their design on things. Show them what it would look like if they set a particular logo on a business card, site, stationery, and where legitimate, restricted time material like Tshirts, pens, etc. The more the client sees the veritable application with the Custom logos during the logo presentation, the more proficient they will be to choose an informed decision. 

4. Make it look capable 

As a significant part of the Business logo design presentation: fuse assortments of what the design may look like in grayscale and in concealing. Offer unmistakable size assortments to show versatility and present them with different, exceptional, choices don't just finish ten minor takeoffs from a comparable Custom logo. 

5. Be sure and sure 

To get directly to the point, you're the designer. You've experienced your time on earth, comprehending what works best for the client. But finally, they choose an end on what the Graphic design takes after, on the occasion that you've completed your work and asked many requests, you understand what works best about these plans. Offer that to the client during the logo presentation and do it in with sureness.


These were some of the tips to present your Business logo design to your client. If you are a designer and want to improve your skills then this is blog will be your go-to-guide. For all business organizations, the Custom logo acts as a face to the company. Hence, it is essential for you to assign this task to a professional Graphic design company. This company has a team of experienced designers who are aware of all the trends in the designing sector.

How to learn to craft an alluring Business logo design?

If you are planning to pursue your career in the designing sector, there are plenty of books and online tutorials available which are worth investing. But if you want to learn various logo designing tactics in a budget-friendly manner, all thanks to free resources which will guide you in the same. In order to help you on the journey of becoming a Graphic designer, in this blog, I've mentioned a handful of resources that will help you in crafting artistic Business logo designs for your business or clients. One interesting thing about this document is that you do not have to spend an extra penny to learn it. 

These tips are bifurcated into below-listed sections, which will cover almost everything you will need to know to get started:

  • What is a Graphic design, and why is it important?
  • Create a design brief?
  • Logo design process
  • Research about the topic
  • Sketch all the ideas
  • Learn Adobe Illustrator


What is a logo design, and why is it important?

One of the simplest books which I feel is worth reading, which is titled "What is a logo?" According to me, everyone who is planning to start Graphic designing should read at least once in their lives. The main role of Business logo design is to the identification. In simple words, Custom logo is nothing but an icon that is used for the brand recognition process. For every business organization, Graphic design acts as a face to the company. It is reported that your company's logo design is the first thing that your customers will know about your brand. Simpler the logo, the more the chances to be engaged with your target audience. 

Create a design brief

Before you start working on gaining ideas, the first thing you need to know is the objective of the Custom logo. You need to understand who the business is, what they do, what type of audience they are targeting, and who their competitors are. In order to know this, you should ask your clients these questions. These questions will not only help logo designers in understanding their clients but also gain a lot of ideas for the design.

Work on the basis of the logo design process

Based on my personal experience as a logo designer and interviewing plenty of other designers, there is no fixed logo design process. Each graphic designer works in his/her own way. Hence, you will find some new elements in every designer's method of crafting a Business logo design. The ultimate aim is to end with a logo, and how you reach that endpoint is solely depended on you. Here are five points which you can consider as your logo design process:

  • Define objective
  • Research
  • The gain idea for a design
  • Incorporate those ideas on professional tools
  • Create Graphic design files

Research about the topic

The first thing you need to know before you start designing is that you should have a sound understanding of the business and its competition. In order to comprehend this, you will have to perform in-depth research. You can smoothly perform this task by asking several questions. But it is recommended that you do self-learning and do your own digging. Not all logo designers like to prefer or like research, but it is an essential step. The more you learn about the business, the better the final design will be. 

Sketch all the ideas

There is nothing better than sketching a logo on paper. A renowned Graphic designer proposed the strongest argument for sketchbook work when he contributed several designing tips in his eBook. Here's what he has to say about sketching, "Always start on paper. Something is liberating about the freedom, wobbliness, and humanity of a pencil sketch. There's a speed to it. An unpredictability. Accidents happen. You can get to the magic that much faster on paper, than on some cold screen. Be it a stick in the dirt, charcoal on a cave wall or a pencil in your memo book; you are tapping into the time-tested method of communication, formulating, and invention. And remember to do it in your Field Notes for maximum performance and durability."

Learn Adobe Illustrator

After finalizing the idea which you have sketched, you now have to make the digital version of that layout. One thing which every logo designer must know is that a logo should range in sizes, from buttons right up to the shop signs, and billboards. Once the logo is ready, the file type you need to create is a vector file format. Vector format is a type of image built through mathematical points than pixels. 

These were some of the tips which you need to take care of when making a Custom logo for your business or your clients. If you are new to the graphic design sector, you can follow these tips and craft an elegant design for yourself. If you are looking for the best Graphic design company in the industry, ProDesigns is the best place to get it done. They have a team of experienced logo designers who are experts in creating an outstanding Business logo design for your business.

Why is ProDesigns considered as the best business logo design company Globally?

In general, logo design is a symbol which is used by the companies for standing out from the crowd. The business organization also uses the logo design for brand recognition. According to a report, Custom logo is the first thing which customer looks before associating with a new brand. Moreover, your company's Graphic design plays a vital role in creating the best first impression on the mind of your targeted audience. 

For outstanding logo design, you need the best business logo design company, and ProDesigns is your ultimate destination for the same. ProDesigns helps its clients across the globe to transform by focusing on creating a world-class brand identity and not just crafting a Graphic design. They work with small to big business organization, understand their brand's value, and craft alluring Custom logo which helps their customers in establishing the best impression in the market. 

ProDesigns have a team of creative and passionate geeks who's hard work, and firm determination has helped them in being the most preferred company for graphic design solutions. Their holistic approach has guided them in serving the clients of all the industry. This goal-oriented company has recognized several times for its remarkable service in the field of graphic design. 


Why ProDesigns is perfect for your next Graphic Design solution?

  1. Customer-centric approach:

In order to fulfill the increasing demand for logo design, ProDesigns works 24/7 for their customers. They first gather all the necessary information from their customers' requirements. And on the basis of their needs, they start processing the design. While crafting the logo, they look at the minute details in the design and make sure not a single client requirements are left behind.

  1. Complete Customized design:

To satisfy our customers with their graphic design service, they design a logo as per the customer's requirements. Along with keeping the client's needs in mind, the designers at ProDesigners also add their personal creative touch in the logo design. Moreover, the Graphic designers are flexible to make changes in the design 'N' number of time until the customers do not reach the satisfaction level. 

This was all about why ProDesigns is the best logo design company near you. If you are planning to get the outstanding Graphic design service in the market, ProDesigns is your ultimate destination. For every business organizations, Custom logo acts as a face to the company.

How Social Media is transforming the Custom Logo Design

Since the evolution of smartphones, the use of social media is also increased. Almost every smartphone user is using at least one of the social media platforms on their smartphone. The social networking platforms have transformed the way we communicate and the way we share content with each other. The impact of this change is also seen on how graphic designers are crafting a custom logo design, and in this blog, we will talk about those changes that I've noticed.  


We need to design a logo for small sizes

In order to reach the target audience, social media can help you in the same. It is indeed one of the fastest and cheapest ways to interact with your audience. This is why companies place it where people can see and engage with it and make the brand identification process simple and speedy. This means your Custom Logo must be instantly recognizable at about 8mm. Designing a logo design for a small size is nothing new. It is a common practice which most of the Graphic designer follow to make it versatile. But before social media, a tiny logo design was not that important.

Before the invention of social media, the logo design was commonly seen in an email signature, on the header section of a website, on the packaging, or on the shop's exterior. Today, because of social media, in order to create an identity to make an impact, it should look good at the small size. For instance, a brand identity which is involved due to developments in the social networking platform is the Premier League, launched a new Custom Logo February 2016 which was designed by global agency DesignStudio and Robin Brand Consultants.

The previous Premier League logo design includes a full lion wearing a crown and holding a football with its paw. But at the small size, the design in the logo looked too complicated and cluttered, appearing somewhat unprofessional. The revised Graphic design only contains a lion's head, which is much more simplified icon which looks fantastic on every social media yet has a dramatic impact at the larger sizes.

Identity of this measurement will surely create a huge impact on how sports Custom Logos are crafted. But it is also expected to have a wider impact too. Designing a logo by keeping social media in mind, is however a best practice, particularly when you know there's where your main audience will interact with your brand.

Logos are designed to adapt and change

How we interact and communicate with a brand plays a vital role in online logo design, and it changes. This has opened unique opportunities where logos can be modified at any point to raise awareness of ideas, topics, and situations. The term 'Logo Systems' is being used to describe this type of Graphic design and are designed as a structure that can also be changed at the same time remaining identifiable.

This was all about how social media is transforming the Custom Logo. If you are looking for a professional logo design company, ProDesigns is the best place to get it done. They have a team of experienced designers who are expert in converting all your requirements into reality.

Why people choose custom logo designs over any other type?

For any startups or big business organization, marketing plays a vital role in its success. Marketing helps business organizations in reaching their targeted audience in a short time. In order to impress the audience, companies try various marketing methods such as television, radio, newspaper advertisements, etc. In this modern digital world,  social media marketing, digital marketing, email-based marketing, etc. are some of the latest techniques of marketing. Startups can use these methods of marketing and take their business to the next level.

Apart from these methods, logo design branding is one of the trending techniques of marketing. Attaching your companies Custom logo designs with your marketing strategy refers to logo design branding. Organizations who have used Graphic design branding in their organizations have seen immense growth in their business. If you are a startup and want to kick-start in your niche industry, logo design branding can help you with it.



In simple words, Custom logo is nothing but a symbol which companies use for brand recognition. Graphic design is the first thing which your customer will encounter about your organization. It is also said that before associating with a new brand, customers look at various factors, and logo design is one of them. Below are some of the reasons which explain how logo design can be useful to your business.

  1. Attracting customers:

Your company's Graphic design is often the first thing which your customer notices within seconds. More engaging design, the more the chances of your customer investigating about your company.

  1. Differs you from competitors:

Even in a similar industry, every organization has something different to offer. Your company's logo design can help you in being unique from your competition. A well-designed Graphic design can help you in convincing your target audience to do business with you instead of your competitors.

  1. Convey your brand's message:

Apart from brand recognition and marketing, logo design can also be used in conveying your brand's message as well. Here are some of the things which your Graphic design tells about your company:

  1. Who your company is?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. What type of business are you doing?
  4. What kind of products are you selling?
  5. What is the vision and mission of your company?

These were some of the reasons why people choose custom logo designs over other types of design. If you are a startup and planning to create the best impression of your business, Custom logo can help you with it. ProDesigns is a popular Graphic design company famous for delivering outstanding logo design service to its customers. They have a team of experienced logo designers who are expert in converting all their clients' requirements into reality.

ProDesigns has the best 3D logo designers in the industry

In simple words, logo design is nothing but a symbol which business organization uses for the brand recognition process. According to a survey, before your company's final product releases or customers come across with your business' advertising, Custom Logo is the first thing they will encounter. It is also shown that before associating with a new brand, customers look at various methods, and Graphic Design is one of them. There are various methods of logo design such as Mascot, Abstract, typography, etc. But to look unique and stand out from the crowd, you should Create 3D logo design for your business.

In order to get an outstanding logo design service, ProDesigns is your ultimate destination for the same. ProDeisgns is a leading graphic design company popular for delivering world-class Custom Logo for their clients. They have a dedicated team of 3D logo designers who are experts in converting every client's requirement into reality. Using the latest technological tools, they deliver the best Graphic Design to their customers. For the startup business organization who are planning to have a 3D Custom Logo, ProDesings is the best place to do the same.


Below is a simple logo design which logo designers of ProDesigns follow to craft captivating logos for their clients.

1. Requirement Gathering:
When any customer approaches ProDesigns to executive any Graphic Design or graphic design task, the first thing employees will do is gather all the required information from their clients. They ask several questions to their clients which makes their requirement gathering task easy. Here are some of the questions which they ask their customers:
- What type of business are they doing?
- What kind of products are they targeting?
- What type of audience are they targeting?
- What are they expecting in the design?
- What is the budget for logo design?

2. Research and Drawing:
Once the Graphic designer have complete information about their client and their needs, the next thing they do is research for the design. In the analysis process, they also have competitive analysis as well. This helps them in gaining a lot of ideas for the design. After the in-depth research, the next step which they perform is sketch the layout of the logo. Sketching helps the designers in enhancing their creative skills. On the basis of the customers' needs and their expertise, they multiple sketches for the logo.

3. Develop and deliver the design:
After the in-depth analysis and sketching the design, the Graphic designer implements the design on professional tools and software. Software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc. helps designers in crafting artistic Graphic Design for their customers. After the successful completion of the design, the designers will finally deliver it to their customers. They also make changes in the customers if they are asked to do so.

This is how ProDesings come up with a unique and fresh Graphic Design for their customers. Here are some of the examples of 3D logo design which will guide you for your logo design. For every business organization, Custom Logo acts as a face to the company.

5 Reasons Of Using Minimalist Logo Design That Will Skyrocket Your Brand

A Logo Design is a base for the marketing endeavors of any company. Through marketing, a company strives to raise its sales level and thus, increase the profit level. A Personalised Logo Design is a magical wand for you to excel in your marketing endeavors. Various reputed designing companies assist you with your logo designing stage. They help you in getting the best logo for your business. Graphic Design Services are the best way to get the out of the box Logo Design.

There are various types of logos. You need to choose the type that suits your business and the field you are in. This article focuses on discussing the five simple reasons why using a minimalist logo design will uplift your brand in the market.



The five reasons for using a minimalist logo design are as follows:

  • It is trouble-free to remember:

A minimalist design is undemanding and very natural. People can easily remember your logo and its design and write up. It does not complicate your process of marketing your products and services. Your logo becomes a plain sailing process for your customers and potential customers in the market to remember.

  1. Crystal clear brand image and positioning:

It positions your company on the top of the competition. It enhances the brand value of your business and its operations. It will create your brand image in the market. Your logo conveys your business message to the customers in the market. Thus, your Logo Design should be simple, logical and to-the-point so that your customers get readily associated with it.

  1. Capable of using any medium of marketing:

The minimalist logo design is a very dynamic logotype and can is used in any marketing medium.  Using your standard logo design on every marketing tool will give a consistent and trustworthy image in the eyes of your customers. As it is simple in its appearance, it enhances and adds value to your company. It forces the customers to try out your products and services over your competitors.

  1. Versatility is in its nature:

A minimalist logo design is very versatile in its base. It is capable of any changes that you want to inculcate into it as per your business requirements. You can make any modification that are the requisites of your Logo Design. New Logo Design is the result of having a minimalist logo design. You can rule the market with your new and minimalistic logo design.

  1. It is beyond the trends:

Minimal design in your logo will make it timeless. Simplicity is the key to all the doors of success for you as a company. Minimalistic logos are beyond the boundaries of the current trends. These trends keep fluctuating, but a minimal design is always classic. It never goes out of fashion. It appeals the customers with the same intensity still.

These five reasons are a proof that a minimalist logo design is best for all types of products and services. Minimal design is all time favorite and can suit all the business types. It is something that is like magic for all companies as it does not need to be complicated. Its simplicity makes it a beautiful logo design. Logo Design is the most critical part of any business and its success story. A Logo Design Company is your ultimate destination for great logo design!

Three Awe-Inspiring Examples of Signature Logo Design

Logo design can be defined as an icon which is used by business organizations for the brand recognition process. Your company's Signature logo design is the foremost thing which your customers will encounter about your business. Sometimes, Custom logo also connects to the new company by looking at various criteria and Graphic design is one of them.

Signature design logo and attach it with your company's marketing and branding strategy can help you in increasing the credibility and accountability of your business. This practice refers to logo design branding. Company's who have used Graphic design branding has seen immense growth in their sales.

Startup who are planning to kick-start their business in this competitive world can take a huge advantage from logo design branding. Using your Graphic design in your social media marketing, digital marketing, and email marketing can make your brand more transparent among your targeted audience. Below are some of the greatest examples of signature logo design which can help you in designing a logo for your business.

Best Five Signature logo design from which you can get inspired from

1.Cadbury's logo:

Want to impress your loved one, or want to make your beloved happy if he/she is mad at you? Cadbury's chocolate is the only way to do the same. For some people, it is tough to admit that Cadbury sales the best chocolates in the world. Apart from mouth-watering chocolates, its logo design is one of the most recognizable Signature logo design among the customers. The logo is based on William Cadbury which appeared first on the transportation fleet in 1921.


2.Walt Disney's logo:

Let's be real; we all grew up watching Disney cartoons and movies. Though all of them are fictional, once in our life, we have tried to imitate their accent or style. No matter how old are we, as soon as we see its Graphic design appears, we immediately scream "Disney!" The logo contains Disney Land's Castle along with the company's name in between. The font in the logo is the actual signature of 'Walt Disney' the founder of the company. The shooting star that arc  across the castle means 'may all your dreams come true.

3.Kellogg's symbol:

The population of the people who don't start their day with Kellogg's breakfast is very less. Whether it is Froot Loops or Corn Flakes, it has become the best nutritious food manufacturing company today. Along with healthy food, company's Signature logo design is also one of the factors behind its success. According to the company legend, William Keith Kellogg, founder of the company, initially signed each Corn Flake boxes personally, in order to show the authenticity of its products.

These were some of the examples of famous signature logo design which you can have a look before crafting one for your business. Also know how signature logo design is the key to making a professional image of your company. For every business organization, Custom logo acts as a face to the company.